Coffee. Art. Charity. What is there not to like?

The concept is simple, the cardboard coffee sleeve is one of the most ubiquitous throwaway items that serves a peripheral function, let’s be honest – the cup itself has a greater sense of purpose.

We consume coffee (and tea, we’re trying to bring people together here, not define factions), on a daily basis – sometimes on the go, but a lot of the time to accompany us while we are working, creating, driving, sitting, working out what to do next, and generally being mindful.

Well known chains now ignore the hours of design and product engineering work that’s gone into the lid dimples and the drinks code grids on the side of the cups and have taken to writing large, your drink choice in shorthand, along with your name, or a variation upon it.

We think there is another use for the Coffee Sleeve. We want to raise this giveaway cardboard into a medium for creativity. We want you to turn the Coffee Sleeve into art.

Our aim is to curate images of the best Coffee Sleeve art from around the world. Further to this, we want to exhibit Coffee Sleeve art in their natural galleries – the coffee shops. Beyond even this, if you – the artist agree, we will publish the images in a Coffee Compendium book, and auction the Coffee Sleeve art in aid of charity.