Please read all below, and be inspired to start your year well. This is a from @cupofluvslc who tagged me in their project to show how is in a small way enhancing the incredible work they have been doing. ・・・
We don’t have many photos of the Christmas Coffee Project because we were there to make connections, but a few people caught a few moments and sent them to me. Please know that the photos of those that aren’t volunteers were taken with permission. We had over 70 volunteers on 6 teams visit more than 8 locations. In the end, we all met at the Rio Grande area. We shared between 700-800 cups of coffee and hot chocolate, 225 fresh bagels, more than 300 cookies, countless Starbucks treats, hundreds of chapsticks and hand warmers, beanies, coats, gloves, blankets, socks, and other warm clothing items. There were so many beautiful, kind, generous humans that participated who were not currently experiencing homelessness, and many that were. The kindness went both ways. I saw hugs, magic tricks, heard jokes, words of gratitude and kindness, gifts given both ways… this is the kind of community I want to live in. ❤️ Special thanks to Publik, 3 Cups, Bad Ass Coffee, The Bagel Project, Starbucks, Young Living, Harmons, and all the volunteers who donated time, money, goods, and love

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