There is, in my mind, an undeniable link between positive mental health and coffee. Coffee, when not used purely as a stimulant, is about taking time to sit, ponder, work through ideas, and rebuild our creativity to continue with our days.

Coffee shops are spaces within which one can be alone with one’s thoughts; spaces to daydream, chill out, pass the time of day, and refocus. They can also be places to socialise, communicate, natter, catchup, and all the other reasons that McDonalds managed to articulate far better than us.

Ruby Wax is now piloting the Frazzled Cafés; non-clinical mental health walk-ins where people have a chance to talk honestly without feeling stigmatised self-indulgent or weak… and enjoy a coffee in a happy, friendly space.

a space where anyone with a mental health concern could connect with this peer-to -peer support. In my head, it was looking more and more like a sort of AA to help us get through the overwhelming stresses of modern life.

Safe haven cafés are supplementing clinical mental health care by providing a late night space where the aim is prevention before treatment.

Action for Happiness now have a network of Happy Cafés.

And now Folkestone & District Mind are looking to fundraise for their own similar project- that’s where you come in! Help support the Coffee Sleeve Art project and you’ll be helping to provide a positive social space in Folkestone.


Coffee can be good. A coffee community can be awesome.

So with that in mind, this project will be run as a not-for-profit. All profits from this project will be donated to our local mental health charity: Folkestone & District Mind.